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Global Teacher Prize 2017 & 2018 finalist

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Msc Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change - Sheffield-Hallam University, UK (2014)

Regentaat - KHLim, Hasselt (2000)

Lector en Onderzoeker Blended/Distance Learning PXL hogeschool Hasselt

Docent CVO de Verdieping Heusden-Zolder

Oprichter Zelfstudie.be

Zaakvoerder Kerfuffle VOF

Oprichter Project Kakuma, Project Climate Action, project Human Differences, project Wai Water

Ontwikkelaar Interactieve Determinatietabel (NL) - [website | app]
Onwikkelaar Tree Key (EN) [website | app]

Auteur "Dreamweaver deel 1 - deel 2", Wolters Plantyn, 2006
Auteur "OneNote", Visual Steps, 2016
Auteur "Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Standing at the Precipice", Routledge, 2017

awardGlobal Teacher Prize top 10 finalist, 2018

awardGlobal Teacher Prize top 50 finalist, 2017

awardHundrED top 100 global education innovator, 2017

awardWinnend team Pisa4U initiative 2017, OECD

awardGlobal e-innovation Award, 2017

award2017 International e-Learning Excellence Awards finalist

awardMicrosoft Innovative Expert Educator Fellow, 2014 - huidig

awardNational Geographic Certified Educator, 2018 - current

awardSkype Master Trainer 2016 - huidig

awardToshiba Digistudent Award, 2000

awardVarkey Foundation Ambassador, 2017 - huidig

awardGlobal Goals Educator Task Force member (SDGs), 2017 - huidig

awardQUDWA fellow (Abu Dhabi), 2017 - huidig

awardMaverick Teacher India, 2016

Lid adviesraad HundrED

Lid adviesraad SETT Belgium

Karate zwarte gordel 4dan - Belgisch nationaal team 2000-2009

Koen Timmers

Tijdslijn 2018/2017

Bill Gates kondigt me aan als een van de 10 beste leerkrachten:
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Masterclass Global Teacher Prize
Masterclass Global Teacher Prize
Masterclass Global Teacher Prize

Global Teacher Prize

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Debate GESF Dubai

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Global Teacher Prize - Humo


Global Teacher Prize 2018

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HBVL 2018

Gastcollege VUB

Guest Lecture University Brussels

Interiew Abu Dhabi

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Teacher's panel Qudwa Abu Dhabi

Keynote NNSTOY Washington DC

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Koen Timmers Global Teacher Prize 2017

Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

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Live Interview by Microsoft, BETT London

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Koen Timmers - Global Teacher Prize 2018


Founder and coordinator of Project Kakuma

Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) houses 200.000 refugees who fled from war and hunger in Sudan, DR Congo, Burundi, Somalia, etc. 55% of all refugees are children. The classrooms are housing up to 150 students and have very limited resources: a text book ratio of 1:10 students, insufficient furniture and no power supply.

I sent my personal laptop to the camp and started to teach them via Skype. I also started raising funds via crowdfunding which allowed us to sent additional devices. Last but not least I managed to collect about 100 educators over 40 countries willing to offer free Skype lessons. We now have 10 laptops and internet connection in 5 Kakuma schools and a mobile solar suitcase to charge the laptops. Not only are we offering knowledge by teaching Maths, Science and Art, we also bring empathy in the classrooms and put the refugees' lives in the right perspective. We talk about culture, habits, religion and... football!

Don't forget: every child deserves an Education!



I published several books and lots of courses at Zelfstudie.be

  • Wolters Plantyn - Dreamweaver, deel 1 - ISBN: 978-90-301-8995-4
  • Wolters Plantyn - Dreamweaver 1 handleiding
  • Wolters Plantyn - Dreamweaver, deel 2 - ISBN: 978-90-301-9058-5
  • Wolters Plantyn - Dreamweaver 2 handleiding
  • Zelfstudie.be - Courses Web, Graphic, Game and App design/development
  • Visual Steps - OneNote 2013/2016 - ISBN: 978-90-590-5752-4 [Dutch]
  • Visual Steps - OneNote 2013/2016 - ISBN: 978-90-590-5463-9 [English]

I'm columnist at Web designer Magazine.

I write columns on various educational subject.
Some columns at HotTopics.com:

Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator Fellow

I was awarded as a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator in 2014. It was a great honor to be chosen out of 20.000 educators and being part of 250 MIEs, spread over 150 different countries. While I attended the Global Forum in Barcelona my team was awarded with the Learn-a-thon Sustainability award. Being part of the program I try to enhance learning using technology with specialties in distance learning, digital courseware to increase students' motivation and learning outcomes.

In 2015 I became part of a small group of MIE Fellows. While we attended the E2 conference in Redmond inspiring keynotes were attended, I presented about Distance Learning and the Kakuma project was initiated.

Koen Timmers in Redmond, at Microsoft HQ


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