Climate Action Project

Since 2017

Thanks to the Kakuma Project I realized the potential of a network of teachers and students uniting for social good. What if we would do the same for a global threat called Climate Change?
I built a website which united teachers acrossed the world. For the first year we had 250 schools in 50 countries. Students were to learn about climate change, but had to go the extra mile by taking meaningful, positive actions and even find solutions. By sharing them at the platform, everyone was able to disseminate and replicate. After 6 years we had 3.4 million teachers and students. We made a curriculum with WWF and the project is accredited by UN Environment Program. Many amazing solutions have been created by students: in Malawi they planted 60 million trees, in Argentina they made their own bioplastics, in Ireland they brought national change with a new logo for recycling and received a letter from their President. In Portugal students developed solar lights which were brought to families living in Kenyan slums by Holywood actor TJ from Grey's Anatomy.
The students made real impact. But we needed proof and so we developed an app with Deloitte Foundation "EarthProject" which suggests small actions to be taken by students and keeps track of the amounts of carbon avoided.
We currently have 3.4 million students and teachers across 149 countries involved. We conclude the project during Climate Action Day, an online live event. Former speakers include Prince William, Jane Goodall, UN, WWF, David Attenborough, NASA, authors, experts, scientist, youth activist and students who feature their work to a global audience of 250,000 people.
The project has been covered by national press across 45 countries including BBC, National Geographic and CNN.

All initiatives a free.
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