I spoke in Russia about how to make learning global, using technology and the future of education.

During my stay I had some meetings with Richard Culatta (CEO ISTE), Cameron Wilson (director Code.org) and Anant Agarwal (CEO edX).

I spoke in the Netherlands about teaching in the Fourth Industrial revolution. Great group of teachers, ready for a change.

Koen Timmers made it to the 2018 top 10 as part of the Global Teacher Prize.

Education is the "master switch" for progress in society and individual lives

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist.

Today I spoke to people from Rotary International. I shared my vision on Education and showed them some projects I launched during the past years and some future plans. They were more than excited. We'll take a look how we can collaborate in finding funds, making connections to public figures and go to the next stage. Read More

I spoke at the European Commission to policy makers including members of Europan parliament, council and commission about how to make learning effective, shifting to a variety of alternative learning approaches and focussing on UN SDGs and some of my global educational projects.

The presentation was live streamed to 3 other projects and the audience has some great questions and feedback.

In the beautiful setting of the Royal Flemish Theater Koen was able to speak to policy makers and school boards (OVSG). He spoke about innovation and creativity in education and stressed the importance of bringing the UN Sustainable Developments Goals in the classroom. He presented the Kakuma project, Climate Action project and Innovation project.

I was able to speak the Belgian King and Queen about my global educational projects including the Kakuma project. During our informal chat I offered them a book and surprisingly enough the King mentioned he spoke Klaus Schwab - who wrote our foreword - the day before.

At the end of the conversation I got I pitched my new project with Dr. Jane Goodall to the Queen who's also UN SDG Ambassador.

Top 10 finalists are requested to do a masterclass during the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. Koen talks about the Kakuma project and the SDG projects. He also showcases the solar suitcase for the very first time.
Take a look at Koen's masterclass.

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It was a true honor to be on stage of the Global Teacher Prize. Nobody less than Trevor Noah and Lewis Hamilton announced the winner Andria. I was able to speak Charlize Theron, Al Gore and Tony Blair.

Is "I just can Google it" making us stupid? Perfect setting for a debate. Koen and his partner Andrew Lewis Smith don't think people are becoming more stupid buy using Google. The debate made the Dutch newspapers. Read the article.

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The Global Teacher Prize asked a film crew from London to follow Koen for 3 days. They came up with this video.

I was invited to speak to 1000 teachers during the ICTdag event in Leuven, Belgium. During my keynote I focussed on several educational projects.

The board of university colleges, VLHORA, wanted to feature my projects and life as a teacher during their annual event. I was interviewed and my statements were discussed by minister Tommelein and other policy makers.

Read interview (Talent voor morgen)
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I was invited by the Royal family of Abu Dhabi to speak at the QUDWA conference. During a panel talk we had to reflect on the use of social media in education: benefits, drawbacks and side effects.

During the conference I was called to be a QUDWA Fellow.